Welcome to cobbleware.com! I've started this site to publish my open-source code, which tends to be stuff I've cobbled together from other people's work... hence the name!

Date Wot?
15-Nov-2008 Wow, 3 years since this site was updated! I really do suck. Anyway, been playing with an STM32 Primer which is a nice little gadget and fun to hack on. The toolchain is Windows-only, so of course some effort had to be put in to make it work on Linux as well. After finding a similarly inclined person by the name of Lou, we've been making good progress. See the menu on the left for more.
26-Oct-2005 The menu now seems to be settled in and working fine. I really am the world's worst website designer, I almost managed to fail to get it working even with Heng Yuan's excellent instructions. If you are running IE5 and have problems with it, then I'd say you should get yourself a real browser.
20-Oct-2005 Changed the menu, so now it looks like a crappy Windows tree control. But it's JavaScript (see reference at the bottom of this page) and it works, which the pure CSS one never did on all browsers... especially Firefox, for some reason. I'll hopefully develop that into something better, but right now I have lots of GP2X hacking to do so the menu will have to wait.
19-Oct-2005 Added GP2X pages. These are basically empty at the moment, but I've put in the infrastructure so I can start chucking information in there. I've been playing with this GP2X prototype for about a week now, and I've found some interesting things :)
Also, I've gone back to Quanta for editing this page. NVu is good, but it fiddles with my HTML which makes me nervous... I have my own personal coding guidelines and I haven't bothered to see whether I can teach those guidelines to NVu. I still recommend NVu if you're less anal than me.
21-Sept-2005 Finally got rid of the software patents page. Doing a bit more work on GP32 at the moment, and looking forward to GP2X!
05-July-2005 Software patents in the European Union are back with a vengeance, and the situation looks a bit ominous. New Zealand allows software patents, which means we got the MS XML patent at about the same time as the US. Lucky us!
19-Oct-04 Editing the site with NVu, which seems very nice. Kudos to the Mozilla team for originally creating the software, and to  Linspire for sponsoring NVu!
13-May-04 Updated the GP32 overclocking page with some resistor values, and also details for using leaded resistors rather than SMT ones. Also updated the GP32 32MB page with a picture of my newly-upgraded 64MB GP32 :).
02-May-04 Added a mirror page for entries in the GBAX 2004 competition. Some very impressive software there: check it out!
24-April-04 Polished the JTAG page, added some Windows software and extra details to it, and added the page to the GP32 menu bar. Also added a new hit counter, because the old one kept resetting whenever I updated this page.
21-April-04 Added a page about JTAG flashing for GP32, it's not finished but you can check it out at the JTAG page
17-April-04 Front page back to normal
14-April-04 Joined the FFII European Software Patents protest. I'm a New Zealander with an American website, but this affects everybody, no matter where we are.
29-Feb-04 I've now gone through the W3C HTML and CSS validators, so everything really should work.
28-Feb-04 Changed the layout of the site, no frames any more. Also added a menu for easy navigation. It seems that Mozilla (and Firefox) have problems loading the menu, but if you reload each page it comes up OK.
15-Dec-03 Added a page in the GP32 section about building a gcc toolchain on Linux.
25-Nov-03 I increased the core CPU voltage in my GP32, to see if it would overclock better. And it does- 150MHz used to be my best, now it's 170!
03-Nov-03 Mr. Spiv has enhanced the 32MB bios, adding MMU setup to make it super-easy to use the extra memory! I've updated the 32MB RAM Upgrade section with the new details
02-Nov-03 GP32 32MB RAM Upgrade section done
01-Nov-03 Site up and running! I have no idea what I want the place to look like yet, so watch this space for changes in the near future...

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This website is being made with Quanta, which is a really good website editor. Don't blame Quanta for the fact that this site looks like crap; that's all my fault :-)

The hit counter is open source and Free, and came from the Free PHP and Perl Script Page. It is GPL, and if you want a copy of it, just e-mail me.

The JavaScript menu was created by Heng Yuan, and graciously provided under a BSD license. If you want to check it out, either scrape the code from this site or get the original at his website.

The rollover buttons in the previous menu (which has now been replaced with the javascript one) were done with CSS using a very cool technique that I learned about at InkNoise.com, check them out.

Any electronic schematics or PCB layouts on this site were produced with Eagle software, which: is perfectly functional, is very polished, comes with excellent libraries, is available for Linux and Windows, and is free for hobbyist use!

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